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a little more about me

what do you think when you think “college”? is it wild parties? is it breaking free & living on your own? is it frats and sororities & crazy football games?

for me, I think about a time of finding yourself & really figuring things out on your own, even if that does mean enrolling in 5 colleges in 3 years before you figure out what you want…yes, you heard right & that’s okay!

there seems to be this stigma around college that you have to go away & live at school, you have to make lots & lots of friends, you have to get a 4.0 GPA, get involved in a million & one things, & you have to be happy living these standards

but I’m here to tell my story & to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that & happiness is 100% the most important thing in life ALWAYS!!!


my top 10


not like real people, although I like some of them, too, but I’m talking about Ross, Rachel, and whether or not they were on a break


iced, hot, dark, flavored, fancy, boring – give me ALL of the coffees

#3 – kiddos

babysitting, nannying, tutoring, teaching dance … you name it, i’ve done it – i’ve dreamed of being a mom since i was two, carrying around my baby dolls & i can’t wait to have a big family one day, AH SWOON!!!

#4 – being fit

i really LOVE going to the gym, it might take me a while to get up the energy to get there, like most people, but once i’m there, i don’t want to leave … call me crazy!

#5 – another G, the big G, GOD

God has been a HUGE part of my life for as long as i can remember & honestly, there’s no way i can sleep at night without my cross & bible on my nightstand next to me

#6 – speaking of God, Chick-Fil-A

or any food for that matter, but Chick-Fil-A & Chick-Fil-A sauce, there is nothing like it & it truly must be from God himself

#7 – pink

i’ve noticed recently that just about everything i own is pink from my phone case to my keychain to my laptop case, i just LOVE me some pink!!!

#8 – smoothie bowls

if you don’t think they are yummy, we can’t be friends – just kidding, but they are the BEST whether homemade or from somewhere, so so good

#9 bachelor/bachelorette

okay, i told myself that i would never be a part of bachelor nation, but here i am following 10+ bachelor meme accounts & loving every minute of it sooooo…

#10 & last, but definitely not least, dance

my sport & my whole family’s sport, dance (my mom is a dance teacher, my sister is a competitive dancer, i was a competitive dancer & now teach, my brother has some hip-hop moves, & my dad’s been in QUITE a few recitals) so i guess you could say we know how to have a good time

a little about me

my name is Madi – not Maddy, Mattie, Maddie – just Madison minus the “son”

i am a college student, but not your basic “let’s go party”, campus living, greek life loving 20 year old

don’t get me wrong, i have tried those lifestyles, but they just weren’t for me & disclaimer: if they are for you, then go for it

but I’m here to tell you and to inspire you to follow your own path, what you want, and what works for you

my story is anything but basic and far from simple and ordinary

college is all about finding yourself & i’m here to help & share my story to inspire other late teens who think they know everything about the world (i was one of these, for sure)