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what do you think when you think “college”? is it wild parties? is it breaking free & living on your own? is it frats and sororities & crazy football games?

for me, I think about a time of finding yourself & really figuring things out on your own, even if that does mean enrolling in 5 colleges in 3 years before you figure out what you want…yes, you heard right & that’s okay!

there seems to be this stigma around college that you have to go away & live at school, you have to make lots & lots of friends, you have to get a 4.0 GPA, get involved in a million & one things, & you have to be happy living these standards

but I’m here to tell my story & to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that & happiness is 100% the most important thing in life ALWAYS!!!


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  1. Every person has their own story. It takes a while to finish one chapter before you begin a new one. Along the way, you learn a lot about yourself, test your faith, and figure out the people you want to travel this path with and the ones you need to leave behind. I can’t wait to read your story as you let us into your world through your blog.


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